Barracuda aide les entreprises de toutes tailles à sécuriser leur mobilité

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Barracuda security solutions enable IT departments to manage the rapidly increasing mobility requirements in corporate networks.

IT administrators are constantly challenged with providing users and employees access to network resources independent of their location. Additionally, this access must be provided from a variety of devices that may or may not be owned by the organization. While providing “anytime, anywhere” access increases productivity and saves money, it also challenges IT administrators with a variety of security issues. As an example, hackers often target personal mobile devices as well as unsecured network access points to gain entry to corporate networks and steal data through sophisticated multi-vector attacks.

As the need for mobility increases, some of the key challenges that IT administrators must deal with are:

  • Providing secure site-to-site connectivity in distributed networks
  • Providing secure web access to users at all locations
  • Securing off-network users and devices
  • Securing wireless network access
  • Providing secure remote access
  • Supporting Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) environments
  • Securely sharing data across locations and devices

Each of these challenges affects different aspects of network security. They cannot be solved by a single stand-alone solution. Therefore, implementing a comprehensive, unified, easy to manage mobile security policy requires mobile security to be an integral part of the overall network security framework. Barracuda security solutions help address these challenges by addressing mobility requirements in all aspects of security

Providing Secure Site-to-Site Connectivity in Distributed Networks

For distributed organizations with multiple remote sites connecting to a centralized office, the Barracuda Firewall X-series and Firewall F-series provide site-to-site VPN functionality with strongly encrypted IPSec VPN tunnels, using DES, 3DES, AES-128, or AES-256-bit encryption. This helps to securely extend an organization’s network, making resources available to remote employees in different locations without the need for end-users to establish multiple client-to-site VPN connections to access internal resources.

Providing Secure Web Access to Users at All Locations

The Barracuda Web Security Service is a fully hosted web content filtering solution that provides distributed organizations with a powerful centralized policy and reporting engine as well as remote filtering agents to control web access for off-network users. The Barracuda Web Security Service is also fully integrated with Barracuda NextGen Firewalls to provide transparent redirection of web traffic.

Securing Off-Network Users and Devices

The Barracuda Web Security Gateway appliance and cloud-based Barracuda Web Security Service provide a number of mechanisms to secure off-network users on most types of devices. The Barracuda Web Security Agent (WSA) for Windows and Mac based laptops can transparently redirect Web traffic from off-network users through a Barracuda Web Security Gateway appliance or the Barracuda Web Security Service. Chromebooks, Windows Pro tablets and iOS devices can be controlled via global proxy settings, forcing their traffic through a Barracuda Web Security Gateway appliance. The Barracuda Safe Browser is a secure full-featured web browser that provides secure web access from iOS devices.

Securing Wireless Network Access

The Barracuda Web Security Gateway seamlessly integrates with several types of wireless access points to allow administrators to apply granular web content policies to users on their network. The integration allows user authentication data to be transparently passed from an access point controller to a Barracuda web security product. This allows user specific access policies to be automatically enforced on devices connecting to the access point—regardless of platform— and the end user maintains a consistent experience. Global access policies will apply to all unauthenticated users. This integration also provides granular reporting and monitoring on wireless users.

Providing Secure Remote Access

The Barracuda SSL VPN provides secure, browser-based remote access to network resources. The Barracuda SSL VPN includes a robust policy engine that integrates with various directory services to support user and group based access policies. It can enforce a variety of authentication schemes to verify user identity, including Active Directory passwords, hardware tokens, client certificates, and Personal Identification Numbers. It also offers a mobile portal for remote employees to securely access network resources from their smartphones and tablets.

Implementing BYOD Policies

The cloud-based Barracuda Mobile Device Manager enables organizations to centrally administer and monitor both managed and employee-owned mobile phones and tablets. It allows employees to safely use their devices on corporate networks and gain secure access to network resources via Wi-Fi, VPN, and email settings. Administrators can perform many functions:
  • Set device security policies
  • Distribute certificates
  • Deploy and monitor applications
  • Control device features
  • Securely deliver documents
  • Remotely manage and monitor mobile devices
  • Allows administrators to easily extend network and content security policies to mobile devices
  • Enables organizations to safely implement Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs.

Secure Data Sharing

In addition to securing users and devices, Barracuda also provides services that allow organizations to leverage mobility initiatives to increase productivity.

CudaSign is an eSignature solution that allows companies to securely distribute documents that can be signed from any device including phones and tablets.

Gestion centralisée

Barracuda solutions are centrally managed through Barracuda Cloud Control (BCC), a comprehensive cloud-based management portal that allows administrators to manage and configure multiple Barracuda appliances, virtual appliances and cloud services from a single console. This makes it easy to manage the complete mobile security policy across all solutions from a single pane of glass. Barracuda Cloud Control functions can also be easily accessed on mobile devices through the Barracuda Networks mobile app.