Barracuda PST Enterprise

Locate, Migrate and Eliminate PST Data

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PST Enterprise enables IT administrators to regain control over email data stored by end users in individual PST files and scattered across their organization. It can eliminate the risks associated with PST files, as well as reducing ongoing costs and supporting IT requirements for Compliance and eDiscovery.

L'avantage Barracuda

  • Zero Footprint Client minimizes impact on end users
  • Parallel Processing avoids throttling & improves performance
  • Minimizes network impact by migration directly to mailbox
  • Determines ownership intelligently based on content
  • Discovers all PST files regardless of location and state
  • Selective processing migrates only data that is needed

Product Spotlight

  • Fully automated and centrally managed operation
  • Highly scalable and suitable for enterprise-level use
  • Grand choix d'options de traitement des fichiers PST
  • Disconnects and deletes files after migration
  • Supports Office 365 as well as all recent Exchange versions
  • Self-service portal allows users to determine processing

PST files pose a significant challenge to many organizations today. Often used by end users as personal archives for email, they are scattered across end user systems and network storage and are not managed consistently or effectively – if they are managed at all.

They constitute a hidden threat because they can exist outside the corporate environment, are difficult to discover and even more difficult to search. As they are not usually backed up, they leave end users and the business vulnerable to data loss.

Because PST files typically do not comply with an organization’s information management and compliance policies they also represent an ongoing legal risk and will complicate any eDiscovery processes.

Recent versions of Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 now provide more effective capabilities to retain and manage email centrally so end users no longer have a need to store email locally within PST files. However some users continue to rely on PST files and there may also be a lot of existing data within legacy PST files that needs to be migrated into the new environment.

PST Enterprise addresses this by discovering PST files wherever they are located across the organization and then migrating the data contained within back into their corporate email environment. It is a highly scalable solution that is suitable for the largest enterprises as well as smaller organizations.

Regain control of all email across the organization

Identify all email stored across the organization and manage appropriately so that it is secure and readily available. Centralize storage and backup, or better still, eliminate the use of PST files to regain control of data and reduce the support overhead of these unreliable files.

Reduce legal and corporate risks

Make all information visible and accessible so that in the event of an investigation or litigation, all data across the organization can be searched.

Protect against end user data loss or theft by either controlling PST files or migrating the data needed from them and deleting them.

Ensure data compliance and security

Implement robust data retention and defensible deletion policies to reduce costs and ensure compliance with any relevant government and corporate information management policies.

Centralizing the information within PST files will help enable discovery and investigative requests.

Technical Specs

Technical Specs


  • Systematically scans end user devices, network drives and Outlook profiles to discover all PST files across the organization.
  • Intelligent identification of uncoupled file ownership, automatically determining and assigning owner based on contents.


  • Highly scalable and proven in use with the largest enterprises as well as smaller organizations.
  • Optional end user self-service allows end users to decide how their files are processed and where they are moved to.


  • Parallel processing with multiple migration paths maximize performance and avoid Exchange/Office 365 throttling.
  • Fully Compatible with all recent versions of Exchange, Outlook and Office 365.


  • Removes unwanted data: Retention management criteria retains and migrates only data that is needed.
  • Deletes after migration: Completes the process by disconnecting files from Outlook and deleting them.


  • A wide range of processing rules allow operations to be scheduled and processed automatically.
  • Client software downloaded automatically runs in memory without impacting end users.


  • Offers a choice of processing options for PSTs to be migrated into Exchange or Office365, consolidated in a central location, or just deleted.
  • Data migrates directly from source PST to target mailbox without routing via a central server, minimizing network impact.

System Architecture

PST Enterprise Server

  • Central server application managing all PST discovery and email migration operations

PST Enterprise Agent Server

  • Optional server application to move or copy complete PST files

PST Enterprise Host Client

  • Client application run on demand in memory on each target system to discover and process PST files

Supported Environments

PST Enterprise Server

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or later
  • Microsoft IIS Version 7 or later
  • SQL Server 2008 or later

PST Enterprise Agent Server

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later (32 bit)

PST Enterprise Host Client

  • Microsoft Windows XP or later
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later