South Carolina Department of Corrections Takes the Middle Man out of Litigation and Legal Discovery

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About SC Department of Corrections

South Carolina’s original correctional system was established in 1866 when the South Carolina Legislature passed an act that created the first state-level prison for felons that were housed in county facilities. In 1960, the Governor of South Carolina decided to end the abuses of the correctional system and therefore created a new state agency. The agency was named the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC). Today, the Department of Corrections is still a state agency, reporting directly to the Governor, with 6,000 employees, 23,000 inmates, and 27 institutions. David Pfaehler, Branch Chief of Network and Telecommunications Division, oversees more than 2,500 email accounts across all of SCDC’s locations.


  • Barracuda Message Archiver
  • Barracuda Web Security Gateway 610
  • Barracuda Email Security Gateway 400

A Legal Discovery Solution

South Carolina Department of Corrections found themselves in need of an email archiving solution to be used as an effective tool for staff requesting preparation of legal discovery - a means of searching for and retrieving emails or files for use of evidence/background information regarding internal investigations. Furthermore, SCDC’s IT team was required to implement email retention policies throughout their facility. Without having previous experience in the message archiving sector, Pfaehler’s IT team had to start from scratch in their pursuit of the perfect solution. Pfaehler’s main priorities were to minimize costs of manual labor in the legal discovery sector and increase proficiency regarding definition and enforcement of file retention to ensure all legal guidelines were being followed. By providing access to an archiving platform, Pfaehler hoped to enable his end users and corporate legal to find information quickly, without the burden of searching personal storage tables, allowing staff to supply additional digital information during litigation.

Total cost of ownership was a significant component that would fiscally affect the agency’s long-term decision. “We compared several options due to strict budget constraints,” Pfaehler explained. Limited functionality, complexity of setup, and intricate management practices drained SCDC’s IT team during demo periods with competing companies. Open source solutions, while priced attractively, did not provide adequate functionality or support for their facilities’ permanent needs; competing commercial products lacked user-friendly management and operation practices while consistently coming in over budget.

"We set up the appliance, turned it on, and it just started working. The Barracuda Message Archiver has been perfect since day one! "
- David Pfaehler, Branch Chief of Network and Telecommunications Division, South Carolina Department of Corrections

The process of researching other message archiving solutions, including MailArchiva and DataCove, left Pfaehler frustrated and confused, landing his team happily in the arms of Barracuda Networks. “We brought the Barracuda Message Archiver in for a demo and immediately fell in love with it! It is so easy to use and had everything we were looking for - we couldn’t let it go!” The price coupled with features and functionality made SCDC’s decision very easy. Regarding commitment, Pfaehler added, “Barracuda is known for superior product support, which made us want to commit for the long haul.”

Implementation & Deployment

The SCDC IT team said Barracuda Message Archiver benefits were immediate in their ever-growing email database; ease of use and organization were what stood out from the beginning. Upon implementation, Pfaehler stated, “We set up the appliance, turned it on, and it just started working. The Barracuda Message Archiver has been perfect since day one!”

The Barracuda Networks Message Archiver eliminates risk associated with inability to retain and terminate information according to email law, corporate policies, and industry - creating a perfect match for the SCDC’s needs. Pfaehler is now able to centralize preserved files while maintaining and conserving unstructured data for a secure e-discovery process. Utilizing Barracuda products has made fulfilling legal discoveries quick and stress-free, providing users with the ability to search across multiple email accounts rapidly for an efficient, positive experience.

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Barracuda Message Archiver

  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Archives & indexes email with no per-user licensing fees
  • Complies with government regulations for eDiscovery
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About the Barracuda Web Security Gateway

  • Eliminates spyware and other forms of malware
  • Millions of URLs in 95 categories for comprehensive content filtering
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  • Enforces content filtering and access policies on iPads and BYODs

About the Barracuda Email Security Gateway

  • Compatible with all email servers
  • Features MS Exchange/LDAP Accelerator
  • Per user settings and quarantine
  • Clustering for redundancy and added capacity
  • Customisable branding
  • Ideal solution for ISPs and large enterprises