Leading Dutch IT Services Provider Gets Complete O365 Protection

A Search for Better Backup for Office 365 Leads to Comprehensive Security and Data Protection

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About Truston

Truston is a Dutch company that provides IT operations management specializing in management services for Oracle Health Insurance, the leading back-office solution for health insurers. They also provide generic IT operations database management services for organizations using Oracle, MS SQL Server, and/or MySQL. They are an Oracle Gold Partner and a Microsoft Silver Partner, and are highly integrated in those companies’ ecosystems.

As part of its close connection to Microsoft, Truston was a very early adopter of Office 365. “When we first migrated to Office 365, we did a thorough security investigation,” says Martin Rutten, Product Owner for IT Operations at Truston. “And although Microsoft did offer some security options, we determined that we needed a third-party solution to provide off-site backup.”


  • Located in Houten, The Netherlands
  • ~55 Employees
  • IT services and back-end management
  • Specializing in Oracle Health Insurance and database management


  • Early Office 365 adopter, needed off-site backup solution
  • Existing cloud backup solution failing


  • Barracuda Essentials


  • Streamlined backup, archiving, and advanced email security for Office 365
  • High spam and malware detection improves user awareness
  • Gestion groupée de la sécurité, de la sauvegarde et de l'archivage d'O365

A Promising Solution Falls from Favor

At the time, Rutten and his team selected a pure-cloud backup solution provided by the Swedish company CloudFinder. At first, it was a good solution, providing effective cloud-to-cloud backup of all Truston’s data stored in Office 365. However, CloudFinder was acquired by a United States company, eFolder, in mid-2014—and, in the opinion of Rutten and his colleagues, the quality and reliability of the product began to decline.

Eventually, the technical challenges and the IT staff time required to address them became too much, and Rutten decided another solution was necessary. He turned to his long-time IT security vendor, QSight IT, for recommendations. “I was already familiar with Barracuda, so when Edward Hultink at QSight suggested them for our new backup solution for Office 365, I was eager to see what they had to offer,” says Rutten.

"I was already familiar with Barracuda, so when Edward Hultink at QSight IT suggested them for our new backup solution for Office 365, I was eager to see what they had to offer."
- Martin Rutten, Product Owner for IT Operations, Truston/span>

From Backup Point Solution to Comprehensive O365 Protection

“Barracuda Backup was clearly a complete and very capable backup solution, and it offered the capabilities that we needed,” says Rutten. “But because we were looking specifically for an Office 365 backup solution, Edward also told me about Barracuda Essentials.”

Barracuda Essentials has the cloud-to-cloud backup capabilities that Rutten needed, but it also provides powerful, advanced email security and easy-to-use message archiving—all of it delivered via the cloud.

“One thing you need to understand,” says Rutten. “My CEO is very cost-sensitive when it comes to IT, so I thought it might be an uphill battle to sell him on the whole Essentials package. But when we looked at the pricing, we found we would be paying no more than before, and getting a lot more value.”

Once Rutten and his CEO understood the value and capabilities that it offered, they decided to purchase Essentials. Backup features were implemented first, with email security being implemented in a second stage. QSight managed the implementation, which went very smoothly. “There was one minor issue regarding the location of servers,” says Rutten, “but Barracuda support worked with QSight to get it resolved very quickly.”

"My CEO is very cost-sensitive, so I thought it might be an uphill battle to sell him on Essentials. But when we looked at the pricing, we found we would be paying no more than before, and getting a lot more value."
- Martin Rutten, Product Owner for IT Operations, Truston/span>


“It’s a big relief to have a backup solution we can rely on, it makes our lives much easier,” says Rutten. “And we like having the extra layer of security. Seeing how much spam and malware Essentials filters out has made our users much more aware of the scale of the security risk.”

As early Office 365 adopters, Truston had to rely on their own detailed assessment of potential security gaps, which revealed their need for third-party cloud-to-cloud backup. “It’s unusual at Truston to end up buying more than what we started out looking for,” says Rutten. “But the value that Essentials brings made it an easy choice, and one I’d recommend to others handling valuable data in Office 365.

Barracuda en quelques mots

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