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Stay on top with Barracuda CloudGen Firewall F-Series

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By adding web filter capabilities only available for dedicated web filter products, the award-winning Barracuda CloudGen Firewall F-Series provides the most powerful tools for administrators to ensure policy compliance and reliable access to web resources.

Enforcing Web Access Policy

Any security policy’s true value is in its tools’ ability to enforce its usage. Now consider that most web access policies are complicated with a level of granularity that creates a challenge for traditional web filtering tools based solely on URL categories. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall combines web filtering with an Application Control module to provide powerful and highly granular settings that match any possible security policy requirement. Access rules based on user identity or group membership, machine health status, time of day, network location, or even individual web application features are available in one firewall rule-set configuration. SSL interception allows transparent decryption and re-encryption of HTTPS traffic for local inspection. Detection and analysis of traffic directed through web anonymizers negates the possibility of evading policy enforcement.

Securing Against Web Threats

Now that the Web is the primary infection vector, securing against web-borne threats is crucial functionality of any web filtering network appliance. Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, the Barracuda URL database can be used to effectively block access to known malicious sites as they appear. All content downloaded from the Web is also subject to extensive antimalware scanning – first by a local antivirus engine, and then by Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) emulation service running in Barracuda’s secure cloud-hosted sandbox environment. Technology partnerships with leading antivirus and ATD vendors ensures state-of-art detection rates and security for users protected by Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls.

Enhancing the Web Experience

Web security entails more than blocking. In today’s SaaS world, it is also extremely important to ensure seamless use of business-related applications and websites, regardless of the remaining traffic passing the firewall. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall F-Series appliance can enforce bandwidth priorities or limitations to selected web categories or applications, moving bulk traffic to the background. It is even possible to offload some traffic to a different Internet provider while still maintaining priority enforcements. Accessing internal web applications like SharePoint or Outlook Web App from remote branch offices will gain additional an boost when passing over the optimized VPN tunnel, providing data compression and deduplication.

Key Features

  • URL Database:
    Barracuda URL Database merges data feeds across multiple products from the Barracuda family. It’s used for global inspection of over half-a-trillion web requests daily. Local cache copy provides low latency for frequently used websites, while online copy complements full web coverage.
  • User Notifications:
    Fully customizable block pages for various block policies allow web usage coaching with a localized and branded look.
  • User Awareness:
    Web access policies can be easily assigned to all users, AD groups, or manually specified individuals.
  • Granular Exceptions:
    Custom categories, individual websites, web application functionality, or URL path filtering— combining web filtering with next-generation firewall features makes possibilities on granular access policies practically limitless.
  • SafeSearch:
    SafeSearch enforcement can be used to remove inappropriate content from result pages on popular search engines.
  • YouTube for Schools:
    Provide transparent access to thousands of free high-quality educational videos in a controlled environment and with full user identity awareness.
  • SSL Encrypted Traffic:
    SSL Interception decrypts web traffic on the fly, allowing granular inspection of contents. Selected URL categories or user groups can be easily excluded from SSL Interception to ensure proper handling of sensitive data (e.g., banking, healthcare, or personal data).
  • Malware Blocking:
    Built-in antivirus engine transparently scans web traffic and blocks viruses from passing the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall by using HTTP or HTTPS protocols.
  • Unknown Threats:
    ATD engine provides protection against unknown threats and targeted by attacks using a powerful sandboxing technology. Offloading file emulation to Barracuda’s own private cloud ensures no impact on firewall performance.
  • Traffic Priorities:
    The Traffic Shaping feature allows assigning traffic priorities to web traffic depending on category, risk level, or size of data to ensure the web experience is undisturbed by bulk traffic running in background.
  • Multiple Providers:
    Application-based Provider Selection can be used to define load balancing policies between available Internet Service Providers based on URL category or type of traffic.
  • Policy Management:
    Using a single enforcement point or running a distributed environment of hundreds of Internet break-out points, makes management of consistent enterprise web policy a breeze with Firewall Control Center.
  • Reports:
    Consolidated PDF reports created and sent periodically by Report Creator or live detailed drill-down reports right in the user interface both help you understand web traffic and user behavior for future optimization or policy enhancements.
  • BYOD Support:
    Tight integration with leading wireless access points for transparent identification of WiFi users.