Barracuda Cloud LiveBoot FAQ

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How long will it take to LiveBoot a virtual machine (VM) in the Cloud?

A few mouse clicks in the Cloud LiveBoot page will allow you to boot one or several guest machines. Typically, the guest operating system will begin the boot process less than a minute after the request is made.

What are the options to access the LiveBooted VM in the Barracuda Cloud?

After a virtual machine is LiveBooted in the cloud, credentials display in the VNC column of the Cloud LiveBoot page. Administrators can take the credentials (IP, Port, and VNC password) and use any VNC client to access the VM. Once the virtual machine is booted in the Cloud, administrators can power off the server and grant public IP addresses to the server. This is accomplished by editing the server configuration in the Cloud LiveBoot page. After the public IP address is assigned to the VM, the administrator can start the VM again and assign the IP addresses from the Barracuda interface to the network card(s).

Does Cloud LiveBoot require any configuration changes to the backup appliance before use?

No, customers replicating to the Barracuda Cloud and that have Instant Replacement are able to utilize the Cloud LiveBoot functionality for VMware and Hyper-V backups.

Is there a fee to use Cloud LiveBoot?

Cloud LiveBoot is available to all Barracuda Backup customers who have Instant Replacement and a Cloud Storage subscription. Cloud LiveBoot Instant Replacement provides the following benefits:
  • Overnight shipment to replace a down unit
  • Backup data pre-loaded from Barracuda Cloud locations in the event of a disaster
  • Cloud LiveBoot recovery for VMware and Hyper-V
  • 24/7 support phone support
  • Hardware refresh for units that are four years old at no additional cost, if continually under a contract subscription.

How many VMware and Hyper-V virtual images can run simultaneously in the cloud?

This varies depending on the Barracuda Backup appliance model:
  • Model 190 – 390: 1
  • Model 490 or 690: 3
  • Model 790: 4
  • Model 890+: 5

If there is a need for additional VMs, contact Barracuda Technical Support for assistance

How can a VM that was booted in the cloud return to the production environment?

After testing or disaster, administrators can download the VM and save it to any location. The download file will save the VM as a .vmdk /.vhd file that can be imported into any major hypervisor solution.

How long can a VM run in the Barracuda Cloud?

By default, VMs booted in the coud can be accessed up to seven days from the initial boot. If additional time is necessary, contact Barracuda technical support for assistance.

Does Barracuda change memory and CPU settings on the virtual machine booted in the cloud?

Barracuda copies the configuration of the virtual machine that has been booted in the cloud. This means memory and CPU cores are identical to the production environment.

Which regions support Cloud LiveBoot?

Cloud LiveBoot is currently available in all regions excluding Austria, Germany and Japan.