Law Firm Makes Its Case for Unified Backups, and Wins the Fight Against Tape Storage and Technical Difficulties

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Paul, Plevin, Sullivan & Connaughton, LLP (Paul, Plevin) was formed in 1998. Now with 29 lawyers devoted to advising and defending employers, Paul, Plevin is recognized as one of California’s top management-side labor and employment law firms. Their lawyers represent employers in discrimination, harassment, and other employment-related cases throughout California. Paul, Plevin strives to provide outstanding value, early assessment, and practical solutions. Scott Michel is the IT Manager for Paul, Plevin.


  • Paul, Plevin, Sullivan & Connaughton, LLP
  • San Diego, California
  • 50 Users


  • Symantec Tape Storage
  • Difficult Interface
  • One-man Operation
  • Needed Cloud Backup


  • Barracuda Backup 490
  • Barracuda Email Security Gateway 300


  • Barracuda Cloud Storage
  • Simplified GUI
  • Unified Backup
  • Single-Integrated Solution

Man vs. Tapes

Before Barracuda, Michel used a tape-drive system with Symantec Backup Exec for his backup needs. “It was too slow,” Michel explains. “The interface was difficult and it didn’t have the cloud storage we wanted.” Frustrated with Symantec, he got a recommendation from a colleague, and switched to Barracuda. “The difference was night and day,” says Michel. He adds, “Installation was easy and it works right out of the box.”

“Barracuda takes pride in their user-friendly devices. With a simple interface, restoring a file is as easy as clicking a button. Michel restores documents about once a month, and it takes less than 10 minutes each time. There is no longer any fear of accidental data loss or application corruption at Paul, Plevin with Barracuda in place. He was impressed that Barracuda Backup 490 requires “no day-to-day maintenance.” The Barracuda Backup 490 also runs Barracuda’s patented inline deduplication, which lowers the amount of space used for storage. In Paul, Plevin’s case, their storage needs are reduced by over 50%. That saves them time, money, and bandwidth.

"The difference was night and day. Installation was easy and it works right out of the box. "
- Scott Michel, IT Manager, Paul, Plevin, Sullivan & Connaughton, LLP

Refreshing Take on Support

Unlike other companies, customers are confident that calling Barracuda support puts them in touch with a real person, and not a machine. With 24/7 support, customers can talk to a trained professional whenever needed. When Michel had an issue with device permissions, he thought he was going to spend all day fixing the problem. He was wrong; he says, “I called the support line and they were very informed and helpful. They were able to help me immediately, and resolved my issue.”

Saving Man Hours

Being solely responsible for every aspect of the firm’s network, Michel cannot afford to spend much time on his backups. “I do everything for our network, or we have to pay someone else to do it,” he says. Michel no longer has to move his tapes to an offsite location at the end of the day. This allows him to focus on other facets of his position, saving his company time and money, and that makes everyone happy.


Paul, Plevin wasn’t satisfied with their tape system and needed a change. Moving to Barracuda Backup 490, Michel ditched his cumbersome tape system and is glad to see it gone. He saves time and money with his new storage system. Michel would recommend Barracuda saying, “Barracuda has centralized my backups and simplified the process.

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Barracuda delivers easy cloud-connected Backup. Barracuda Backup is the unified, cost-efficient data protection solution for your physical and virtual environments. Backup software, local storage, and remote storage are integrated into a solution that can be rapidly deployed in under an hour. Cloud-based central management enables seamless multisite administration, and rapid local or remote recovery prevents data loss, and also minimizes downtime. Barracuda Backup is a complete backup solution with remote storage that is easy to buy, install, and manage, all backed by our live 24/7 customer support experts.