Barracuda Helps Jupiter Capital Restore Storage Efficiency

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Jupiter Capital Pvt. Ltd. is a leading investment and financial services firm headquartered in Bangalore, and operates in nine countries. The company was founded by Rajeev Chandrasekhar in 2005. Changrasekhar is known for pioneering private investments into the Indian Telecom sector.

The firm started with an initial investment of $100 million, and now manages a portfolio of investments estimated at over $1 billion. Co-investors include global leaders such as STAR, NOL - APL and EADS.


  • Jupiter Capital Pvt. Ltd.
  • Founded in 2005
  • Operating in nine countries
  • Co-investors: STAR, NOL - APL and EADS


  • A RBI mandate of maintaining records is required when dealing with financial institutions
  • Manually backing up data, which involved a lot of time and effort


  • Barracuda Backup 490


  • Full backup of current and historical data
  • Reliable backup system
  • Ease of use for all employees

Coping with Regulatory Norms

According to the new Intellectual Property guidelines from the central banking institution of India, the Reserve Bank of India, all financial services firms are mandated to maintain record-keeping facilities for legal purposes. The RBI has also directed the firms to keep all received and sent messages both in encrypted and decrypted form. This means every transaction of financial nature has to be backed up with mandatory data evacuation drills performed either on a weekly or a monthly basis.

In light of this regulation, it was mandatory for Jupiter Capital to record and maintain all data relating to any and every transaction. Jupiter Capital, however, had long stopped the tradition of manually backing up every record. There was an urgent need for the firm to install an efficient backup device within their system in order to ensure compliance.

Restoring Efficiency While Ensuring Compliance

Jupiter Capital was aware of Barracuda Networks’ leading position and reputation in the market, and thus wanted to evaluate Barracuda’s storage product. They assessed three backup solutions from three vendors, including the Barracuda Backup. After a comprehensive assessment of the three options and considering the feedback from the market, the Barracuda Backup 490 was selected by the company.

“Barracuda Backup Server is undoubtedly one of the best backup solutions in the market. It is very easy to manage and does not require manual intervention at every step. Furthermore, we also receive SMS alerts and reports in our emails when the backup gets completed, so there is no need to manually check the data or login every day”, said Chandraknath, Jupiter Capital's System Administrator.

The Barracuda Backup rendered high performance along with aligning with all the RBI guidelines of data backup, which was critical for Jupiter Capital. Even the adoption process within the organization was seamless given its ease of use, and the employees could adapt comfortably to its simple and intuitive interface.

“We received remarkable feedback from our employees for Barracuda Backup 490. They acknowledged that the product displayed prominent results and helped improve productivity. We understand that disasters are a part of business continuity. However, with the help of Barracuda Backup Server, we are confident that we will be able to control any such disasters and minimise data loss," said Chandraknath, System Administrator, Jupiter Capital.

"With the help of Barracuda Backup Server, we were able to successfully recover all this previous data, and the CFO himself recalled the same during the RBI audit as well."
- Chandraknath, System Administrator, Jupiter Capital

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