Provincial Administrative Court in Gliwice Optimizes Backup Processes with a Barracuda Networks Solution

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The Provincial Administrative Court in Gliwice is one of 16 first-instance administrative courts in Poland. The duties of the Court include controlling the activities of public administration and settling competence and jurisdiction disputes between local administration units and Local Government Boards of Appeals.


  • The Provincial Administrative Court in Gliwice
  • One of 16 first-instance administrative courts in Poland


  • Need of efficient backup processes management
  • Ensuring data availability, security, and integrity
  • No time for long deployment process


  • Barracuda Backup 490


  • Optimization and simplification of IT processes
  • Improved critical data protection
  • More effective work of IT Department
  • Recovered data lost due to user error
  • Efficient all-in-one solution
  • Convenient remote management

Simplifying and Optimizing Data Recovery Processes

The Provincial Administrative Court in Gliwice was looking for a solution that would allow it to effectively and efficiently manage backup processes, while also ensuring data availability, security, and integrity. The court was interested in implementing technology that would be quick and easy to set up and operate and would not generate unnecessary costs. The new solution also had to meet security requirements and become an alternative to previous script-based archiving techniques used by the Court. A single professional solution was sought to replace the previously used point products of different suppliers, which had proved notoriously difficult to operate.

"Barracuda Backup Appliance is a dream come true for any administrator tasked with many duties."
- Piotr Neisobski, IT Manager, Provincial Administrative Court in Gliwice

Solution: Barracuda Backup Appliance 490

The Provincial Administrative Court in Gliwice decided to implement Barracuda Backup 490.

With a wide range of supported environments and file-sharing services, the Court can replace expensive and complex backup systems, consisting of solutions from many different manufacturers, with a single Barracuda Backup appliance. Barracuda Backup supports replication to other Barracuda appliances, ensuring the security of the private enterprise cloud and safe data transfer to Barracuda Cloud Storage.

Barracuda Backup can be implemented in just 15 minutes. The management console allows quick setup and instant overview of all currently used solutions, and an intuitive, multi-level graphical user interface makes it possible to selectively monitor and analyze the performance of the entire system with a few clicks.

Benefits: Easier Management, Higher Security and Lower Costs

The implemented Barracuda Backup Appliance solution allowed the IT department of the Provincial Administrative Court in Gliwice to simplify and accelerate management of archived resources. Now, all stored data is handled by only two administrators who also have other duties.

In case there’s any problems with the backup, the Barracuda appliance sends e-mail notifications to the Court’s IT administrators. They are also able to test and configure the device from anywhere. The solution enables the data to be restored without the need for any additional software, on any media and at any time.

The integrated nature of the Barracuda solution used by the Administrative Court does not place a significant load on the existing infrastructure. This avoids additional costs as there is no need to purchase additional Windows Server licenses or virtual server resources.

The Barracuda solution also ensures compatibility with new software versions, so the Court’s IT department does not need to worry about backup software updates and the resulting noncompliance risks.

Plans for the Future

The Court is planning to expand the backup infrastructure with another Barracuda Backup Appliance.

"The security and simplicity of managing this appliance make you sigh in relief, and we can leisurely monitor it using a comprehensive and clear dashboard."
- Piotr Neisobski, IT Manager, Provincial Administrative Court in Gliwice

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