Non-Profit Radio Association Saves Time, Money, and Storage with Barracuda Backup

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The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the largest membership association of amateur radio enthusiasts in the US. ARRL is a non-profit organization founded in May of 1914 in Hartford, Connecticut. The ARRL represents the legal interests of amateur radio operators before federal regulatory bodies. Additionally, they provide technical advice and assistance to amateur radio enthusiasts, support a number of educational programs, and sponsor emergency communications service throughout the country. Andrew Peichert, IT systems engineer for the ARRL, is responsible for the nine physical servers and 36 virtual servers that comprise the ARRL network.


  • Amateur Radio Relay League
  • Based in Connecticut
  • 110 HQ Users and 170,000 Members


  • Tedious Backups
  • Confusing Interface
  • Labor Intensive Device


  • Barracuda Backup 890


  • Reduced backup time by 90%
  • Reduced data storage by 50%
  • Reliable Backups and Service
  • All Inclusive Solution

Replacing Complexity with Simplicity

Peichert manages a wide range of systems ranging from email, database, and file servers at ARRL. With so many responsibilities, he does not have the time to manage confusing and tedious software. Originally using Unitrends as their backup software and Exagrid hardware for deduplication storage, Peichert was having trouble with overly complicated backups saying, “Restoring a file should be straight forward and it wasn’t.” With that in mind, he searched for a better solution. “The ability to have a single vendor for software, storage, and cloud set Barracuda apart from the competition and made the decision easy for us,” he says. With Barracuda Backup 890 Peichert has shorter backup times and has cut the time spent on backups by 90%. Once a week, he restores a backup saying, “It’s simple to do. I log in and click a couple buttons then it’s done.”

"Barracuda Backup’s setup was self-explanatory and you don’t have to touch it after you get it running."
- Andrew Peichert, IT systems engineer, ARRL

Efficient Inline Deduplication

Barracuda inline deduplication lets the ARRL significantly reduce storage needs by saving only unique blocks of data with Barracuda Backup 890. “Barracuda’s deduplication technology allows us to save more data in a smaller space than we used to;” Peichert adds, “it is very efficient and all happens behind the scenes.” With over 64 TB of data, conserving space is important. Barracuda Backup 890 deduplicates data to save space, reducing ARRL’s storage needs by over 50%.

Smooth Installation and Simple Usage

Peichert could not have asked for a more straightforward installation, “the setup was self-explanatory and you don’t have to touch it after you get it running.” The device has an intuitive forward restore ability which Peichert uses about once a week. A system crash is always a possibility in the IT world, and when it came to a server failure at ARRL his supervisors were worried about keeping business up and running. Peichert on the other hand had no worries, “I’ve had to restore our production database twice,” he recalls, “and each time it’s taken only twenty minutes to do a full restore.”


The Amateur Radio Relay League had inadequate backups and needed a better solution. Barracuda stepped in with Backup 890. Now, with Barracuda’s straightforward restores, shorter backup windows, and inline deduplication, Peirchert can rely on Barracuda to save him time, space, and money. Barracuda allows him to focus on other areas of his job. “It is a great device, and I am very happy with everything Barracuda does for us.

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About the Barracuda Backup

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Barracuda Backup Fast Facts

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  • Cloud-based central management
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