Barracuda Backup for Managed Services Providers

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Barracuda Backup for Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers (MSPs) need to ensure that they are relying on the right solutions for their needs. It is critical they have products that are efficient, easy to use, and full featured, at a price that sustains profitability. Backup solutions can be very complex and many providers struggle with management of backups. There are quite a few solutions that claim to be complete and ideal for MSPs; most, however, are inadequate.

Barracuda has a proven track record in data protection, security, and application delivery. Barracuda’s products focus on making the lives of IT administrators and providers easier by offering powerful, intuitive solutions at an affordable price. Barracuda Backup is an award-winning1 storage solution that offers MSPs a simple end-to-end solution for both physical and virtual environments.

1. Barracuda named a 2013 Tech Innovator by CRN

Flexible Deployment Options

Barracuda Backup has multiple deployment options to fit nearly any environment. This flexibility allows providers to tailor solutions to their customers’ particular needs. Barracuda offers appliances with a local cache ranging from 500 GB for small offices more than 100 TB for data center locations. Devices are managed from a single interface, giving organizations the ability to easily scale to large deployments.

The most common Barracuda Backup deployment is to place a local Backup appliance at the customer’s site, offering fast local backup and restoration. This deployment gives the customer the best level of recovery. Customers are able to have a local appliance on-site to meet recovery point and recovery time objectives, and the flexibility to allow both the customer and provider to manage backups. With the local appliance, organizations benefit from LAN speed backups and inline deduplication on the appliance, while reducing their backup storage footprint through global deduplication. Backups can be configured to run every 10-15 minutes with the Backup Agent, giving the customer near-continuous protection of important servers. With the deployment of the Agent, organizations benefit from sourcebased deduplication that reduces network bandwidth used during backup. This helps to reduce backup windows by sending only unique parts to the local appliance, while also reducing workload on the network and local appliance.

Remote agent backups over the WAN offer another deployment option. With this deployment, a backup agent is installed on a remote unit which is connected to a backup server via the customer’s VPN. The Backup Agent allows Barracuda Backup to perform source deduplication, also known as client-side deduplication, giving organizations the ability to easily back up and protect remote systems. During backup, the local Agent Database keeps track of unique parts being sent to the remote Barracuda Backup appliance. Data is indexed and sent compressed to the appliance, where it is decompressed and analyzed again against data already stored on the local appliance, as shown in Figure 1. This deployment reduces power, cooling, and space requirements, while offering fast managed backups.

Figure 1. Barracuda source-side deduplication with Backup Agent

Replication Options for Disaster Recovery

To offer complete protection, an MSP must provide offsite storage and recovery options to their customers. With Barracuda Backup, providers can offer a solution that fits recovery needs as well as financial requirements. Providers can offer their location as a disaster recovery site to their customers or leverage the Barracuda Cloud.

With the MSP acting as a disaster recovery location, providers are able to act as a replication target for their customers’ Barracuda Backup appliances. This gives MSPs the ability to restore physical and virtual machines from their local Barracuda Backup appliance, offering their customers recovery as a service. Recovered servers can then be set up to be protected by the MSP target Barracuda Backup appliance. With this deployment option, providers benefit from global deduplication between data sources. As additional servers replicate to the target appliance, the appliance looks for duplicate parts from all sending units and only stores a single copy on the local appliance. This level of deduplication helps providers save space on their target appliance while reducing network traffic. Data that is replicated to another appliance is encrypted in-flight and at rest with multiple AES 256-bit keys. With this deployment option, MSPs are able to offer their own service bundles and pricing for storage and recovery, as shown in Figure2.

Figure 2. Multiple customer appliances replicating to a central Barracuda appliance

Additionally, MSP customers can replicate to the Barracuda Cloud, reducing the need to deploy additional equipment and bandwidth. Providers are able to offer a flat rate to their customers for cloud replication, eliminating recurring cost guesswork. Customers replicating to the Barracuda Cloud are able to leverage industry-leading features, including restoration to Copy and Cloud LiveBoot. With the ability to restore to Copy, backup administrators can select a file or folder and restore the selected data set to a Copy account for easy access. This provides administrators with the ability to give a remote workforce secure access to files without requiring a VPN connection. With Cloud LiveBoot, customers replicating their VMware environments to the Barracuda Cloud can boot these backups from a deduplicated state and access the machines, as shown in Figure 3. Additionally, organizations replicating to the Barracuda Cloud can leverage Offsite Vaulting, a feature that allows migration of monthly and yearly revisions of data to the cloud. Data sent to Barracuda is deduplicated, compressed, and then transmitted and stored with 256-bit AES encryption. Barracuda hosts cloud data centers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Australia.

Figure 3. Barracuda Cloud LiveBoot recovering crashed systems

Management that Works

Customer backup management can be extremely cumbersome and notifications can be vague or non-existent. Barracuda makes it simple to manage a single customer site or multiple customers from a single “pane-of-glass” interface. Through Barracuda Cloud Control, MSPs can grant different support engineers in their organizations access to specific customers. All access and changes to customer Backup appliances are audited with logs that are updated in real time. Customers can be granted access to their local appliance or rely on the provider to manage the whole device.

Support When You Need It

Barracuda offers award-winning worldwide 24/7 support and notifies providers via email of hardware issues, network outages, and backup failures. Barracuda Technical Support provides MSPs direct access to knowledgeable support engineers that assist on configurations and troubleshooting. Providers can choose to be the first line of support for the customer, adding value to the relationship, or direct customers to Barracuda for support.

Avantage Barracuda

Barracuda Backup is a powerful, backup solution that includes all hardware, software, backup agents, and redundant storage needed for a complete, end-to-end backup solution. With advanced deduplication and compression, backups are fast and consume minimal bandwidth. Flexible deployment options fit every environment, and for redundancy, a customer can duplicate backup files to Barracuda Cloud Storage or to an MSP’s offsite, private cloud. Barracuda Backup includes data deduplication, integrated cloud replication, site-to-site replication, Cloud LiveBoot, granular file and message recovery, and a unified management interface. For affordability, there are no per-user or per-application fees.

Barracuda Backup providers benefit from simple and predictable renewals. With a continually maintained Instant Replacement subscription, providers receive new hardware with the latest specs maintained every four years.

Barracuda Backup is an ideal solution for MSPs, with advanced features, renowned customer service, and reseller support. MSPs benefit from the easy-to-use, yet powerful central management interface and features like LiveBoot and inline deduplication. Barracuda’s award-winning2 customer service and technical support are available twenty-four hours, seven days a week via phone or email to resolve problems. Barracuda offers tools and materials for resellers to be successful, ranging from local field resources to a partner portal with sales and support material.

2. SC Magazine 2013 and 2014 Excellence Awards for Best Customer Service and Support